Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Thanksgiving Grocery Ads This Week!

Thanksgiving will be here next Thursday! Check out some of my favorite deals at the grocery stores and put together a fabulous turkey dinner for less! You'll have more $ to spend on Black Friday. ;-)


Albertsons will match the front page turkey price of Fry's, Safeway, Bashas', or WalMart Grade A frozen premium turkey. If you wear your Cardinals jersey on Sunday, you get an extra 10% off everything!

Honeysuckle White Grade A frozen, premium turkey: $.39/lb. with $25 purchase
Butterball premium fresh turkey: $1.79/lb.
Russet potatoes: $.49/5 lb. bag
Coca-cola products 12-packs: 4 for $10.00 when you buy 4
Dreyers ice cream: $1.99/1.5 qt. container
Sara Lee oven fresh pies: $1.99
Kendall Jackson Chardonnay: $7.77 ($6.99 if you buy 6 or more)
Simply 100% juice: $1.99/59 oz. container
Challenge Butter: $1.99/1 lb. quarters
Albertsons milk: $1.67/gallon
Oscar Meyer bacon: Buy one get one free
McCormick spices: 50% off

Norbest or Jennie-O turkeys: $.39/lb. with $25 purchase
Jennie-O fresh turkeys: $1.29/lb.
Butterball fresh turkeys: $1.49/lb.
Fresh dinner rolls: $1.99/dozen
Bashas' milk: $1.67/gallon
Coca-cola products 12-packs: $2.50 each when you buy 4
Tyson bacon: $1.99/12 or 16 oz. pkg.
Broccoli or cauliflower: $.49/lb.
Ocean Spray cranberry sauce: $.99
Beringer, Yellow Tail, Robert Mondavi, BV Coastal, or Gallo Family Vineyards wine: 50% off regular retail
Tomatoes on the vine: $.77/lb.
Fresh green beans: $.77/lb.
Cool Whip topping: $.99
Fresh pumpkin pie: $2.98
Mrs. Cubbison's Stuffing Mix: 2 for $4
Shrimp ring: $3.99/10 oz.
Blue Bunny ice cream: $1.77/1.5 qt. container with shocker coupon on ad
Sara Lee pies: $1.68 with shocker coupon on ad

Fresh and Easy:
Don't forget your $10 off $50 coupon (available here) or your $6 off $30 coupon (available here)

Jennie-O fresh whole turkey: $.99/lb. (the cheapest I've found fresh turkey!)
Fresh & Easy spiral sliced ham: $1.47/lb.
Fresh & Easy fresh pumpkin pie: $2.99
Mrs. Cubbison's Seasoned Dressing: 2 for $3.00
Kendall-Jackson chardonnay: $7.99
Pepsi 12-packs: 4 for $9 when you buy 4
Fresh green beans: $1.38/lb.
Ocean Spray cranberries: 2 for $3 when you buy multiples of 2
Fresh & Easy prepared side dishes": $2.99
Pumpkin cheesecake pie: $5.99
Mrs. Smith's pie: $1.99

Frys will take ALL competitors coupons like the Fresh & Easy $10 off $50 coupon (available here) or $6 off $30 coupon (available here) ALL manufacturers coupons are worth at least $1.00

Jennie-O Frozen Grade A turkey: $.29/lb. with $25 purchase
Fresh Jennie-O turkey: $1.29/lb.
Fry's milk: $1.59/gallon
Coke or Pepsi 12-packs: 4 for $9.00
Ocean Spray cranberries: 2 for $3.00
Marie Callender's Pies: 50% off
Whole standing rib roast: $5.99/lb.

Safeway turkey: $.39/lb. with a $25 purchase
Spend $100 get a free frozen turkey up to 16 lbs.
Spend $150 get a free frozen turkey up to 22 lbs.
12-pack coca cola, 7-up, or pepsi: Buy 2 get 2 free
Safeway pumpkin pie: $3.99
Crisp celery stalks: $.99
Fresh GreenLine Green beans: Buy 1 get 1 free
Russet potatoes: $.97/10 lb. bag

Wishing you great deals and short lines!

Happy Wednesday!

-Alicia :-)