Monday, December 27, 2010

As Heard on KTAR...Hints for Returning Unwanted Gifts!

It's the day after Christmas and the sweater your cousin bought you doesn't fit and looks horrible. Time to hit the returns line! Here are a few hints to make the returning experience as pleasant as possible.

1. It goes without saying that if you have a gift receipt, you're lucky. Returning with a gift receipt is the easiest, most painless way to guarantee a full refund of the purchase price.

2. If you don't have a gift receipt, all is not lost. Many stores like Walmart, Gap, Nordstrom, and Kohls allow returns without receipts. Remember that you'll receive the lowest price the item has been sold for in credit. So if your cousin spent $50 on the sweater and it's marked down to $10, you'll get $10 in credit.

3. Keep in mind that stores don't have to take your returns. They can make their own policies and refuse any return. Always return with a smile. If you're a loyal customer, say so! Clerks are always much more likely to bend the rules for nice people who shop at their stores a lot.

4. Return early at off times and check that return policy. Different stores have very different return policies, and it always pays to return earlier rather than later. You don't want to be denied a return because you waited too long. Most major stores post their return policies online so it's easy to check.

5. If you received an online gift, returns are a little bit more tricky. Contact the company, and find out the procedure. Amazon is relatively easy, you'll just be out the return shipping costs.

6. Some stores like Toys R Us absolutely will not take anything back without a receipt. Costco requires a member number or receipt to process a return. Think about how the gift giver will react if you ask them for a receipt. If it will hurt their feelings, remember what a nice gesture the gift was. Consider donating it to charity...someone will love it!

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-Alicia :-)