Friday, November 26, 2010

Cyber Monday is Almost Here...Prepare With Alicia's Deals!

Be the first to find out what the deals are by knowing where to look early Monday morning! You can sign up for Cyber Monday alerts at some of your favorite stores!


Barnes and Noble:


Best Buy:

Home Depot:|RPM|ST_Branded|GGL_SL16&skwcid=TC|13614|%2Bhome%20%2Bdepot%20%2Bcyber%20%2Bmonday||S|b|6065767044


If you don't automatically get free shipping, go to sites like to try and find a free shipping code. Always, always look for a promotional code before you check out at any website. An example would be if you're buying jeans for your kids at Old Navy, you would go to google and type in "Old Navy" and "coupon code" or "Old Navy" and "promotion code" (or "promo code" or "promotional code"). You can save so much money this way!

Happy clicking!

-Alicia :-)